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Training course photographs, information and exams

Photographs were taken of the people attending each course and contributions are requested to build up a record of them.  Click here for the email address.  Please see the Publication Policy if you have any concerns.

Links to course information and exams are shown below in some cases, underneath links to the picture pages.  This information has been contributed by Geoff Woolf, Mike Jordon, Andy Hasluem and Bob Wilkinson.  If you have other pre-1988 course information or exams from ETD (in pdf format) then I would be pleased to add them to BBCeng.

If you have a course photograph that is not already here then please send it in (preferably 720 pixels wide and in jpg format).

The Training of Engineers and Technicians in the BBC - Statutory Training - explains how some of the courses shown below relate to BBC engineering training as a whole.

Please note that there is also an excellent set of course photographs on: ETD (

A Engineering Fundamentals Television
Course information 1980 (3)

A Engineering Fundamentals Radio (2)
Course information 1980

A Engineering Television (4)
Course information 1980

A Engineering Transmitters (5)

A Fundamentals Television (1)
Course information 1980

A Fundamentals Transmitters (4)

Audio Update (1)

Broadcast Engineering Fundamentals (1)

B Engineering Fundamentals (8)
Course information 1981

B Engineering Television (19)
Course information 1981

B Engineering Transmitters (4)

B Engineering Radio (8)

C Engineering Fundamentals (14)
Exam 1968
Course information 1982

C Engineering Communications (2+)
Exam 1973

C Engineering Radio (6)
Exam 1970

C Engineering Television (22)
Course information 1982

C Engineering Transmitters (8)

C Part II Transmitters (2)

C Studios (3)

Colour Television (1)

Direct Entry (5)

Direct Entry Engineer, Radio (3)

Direct Entry Engineer, Television Introduction (9)

Direct Entry Engineer, Television Part 1 (9)

Direct Entry Engineer, Television Part 2 (1)

Direct Entry Engineer, Transmitters Part 1 (1)

Graduate Entry (5)

HF Retraining (5)

Lighting (1)

Links and Lines (1)

Local Radio (4)

Management (may include some EPD Confs?) (8)

E.P.D. Management Conferences (25)

E.P.D. Staff Administration Conferences  (7)

On-Station Instructors Conference (1)

Probationary Technical Assistant (4)

Project Management (4)

Satellites in Broadcasting (0)
Course information 1994

Specialist Technician Entry (1)

Technical Assistant (9)
Exam 1966

Television Film Recording (1)

Transistor course (1)

Transmission Management Conferences (3)

New in May 2021:Transmitter Broadcast Practice

Workshop Practice (1)

Z80 Microprocessor

The designations A, B and C referred to the level of the course, C being the most advanced of the three.  The suffix (e.g. Television) indicated the the subject area.  Course names and formats changed over the years (e.g. PTA to TA to A) so these are listed separately where appropriate.  Many other specialised training courses took place such as HF Re-training.  Courses are only listed above if course photographs are available.

Names appear on some of the pictures, but it would involve too much work to add them as separate searchable text (unless you would like to send some to me in a form that I could copy and paste from an email). 

Thanks are due to Andy Woodhouse for supplying many pictures which started the compilation of these pages.  Other contributors are acknowledged next to the photographs that they have contributed.

Course photographs are also featured on the VT Old Boys web site.