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A Course, Transmitters No 7, 18 Jan - 8 April 1971 (Contributed by John Crosswaite)

Back row: Dave Rennolds, Derek Thomas, Paul Thorpe, Steve Welch
Front Row: John Crosswaite, Foo Tee Tong, Geoff Gartside, Alan Lafferty, Frank Mabbott, Jeff Morgan

A Course Transmitters No 72 January to March 1980. (Contributed by Chris Turton)

Some of the lads in the picture below might have joined the BBC after seeing the advert above (Contributed by Russell Barnes).  It appeared in RadCom, the Radio Society of Great Britain Members' magazine, in 1982.  Click here to see the photograph which was used as the basis of the drawing.  Russell has been told that it was taken at Brookmans Park in 1978 and that the engineer in the foreground is Dick Moody.  Click here to see a similar advert.

'A' Course No.104, Tx. 1983 (Contributed by Russell Barnes)


'A' Course No.109 Part 2, Tx. 1985 (Contributed by Dave Porter)

Back row: Peter Garner, Keith Pollit, Mattew Moyse, Richard de la Nougerede, Mark Hargraves, John Bibby, Leo McGandy.
Front row:  Neil Baker, Steve Gwilliam, John Hammond, Brian Ward, Howard Tennant, Andy Cowin, Alan Daniel.


A Eng Transmitters 1986 (Contributed by Paul Roberts)

Back row: Pete Mahood, ??, Andy Milne, Tim Hurst, John O Dolan, Ewan o Docherty

Front row: Pete Smith, Martin Williams, Sinclair Henderson, Thornley, Paul Mcketty, Ian Tickle, Paul Roberts, Paul Convery

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