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Transmission Management Conferences ("Spring Meetings" and similar)

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Transmission Engineering Meeting 26 - 30 October 1987  (Contributed by Peter Lamb)

Back row: Geoff Platts, Gerry Mills, Duncan Whittle, Rae Andrade.

Middle row: Graham Wands, Ken Warden, Roger Douglas, Geoff Morgan, Martin Ellen, Bryan Holroyd, Peter Lamb, David Davis, David Russell, Frank Hearn, Noel Sudbury, Malcolm Green, Gordon Harold, Duncan Lion, Ron Renton, Andy Baxter, Jim Gray, Mike Axford, Dick Manton, Aubrey Silcock, Carole Jackson, Mike Whyman, Bob Moys, Paul Mitchell.

Front row: Doug Frostick, David Manning, John Packman, Mike Dilley, Ron Seville, Tim Cook, Peter Barry, Mike Ashton, Terry Beswarick, Gordon Lean, Chris Harrison, Nigel Turner, Graham Smith, Bob Ashman, Bill Buckley, Jim Sleight, David Grant, Ross Durling.

Transmission Engineering Meeting November 1988


Transmission Engineering Meeting 1990/91 (Contributed by Peter Lamb)

Back Row: Peter Lamb, Paul Mitchell, ??, Keith Hayler, Doug Fisher, Mike Dilley, Duncan Whittle, John Levett, Adrian Hartley, Bob Tyler, Duncan Lion, Doug Latcham, Phil, I'Anson, Ken Worden, John Ballard, Mike Whyman, Nick Davies, Geoff Whiteman, Maurice Miller, David Russell, ?? (concealed), ??, Fred Lyons, Jim Sleight, ??, ?? (concealed), Chris Eccles, Ken Vickers, Dougie Tuddenham, Trevor Surgey, Nigel Adams, Graham Powell

Front Row: Graham Smith, Steve Lee, Alan Rees, Simon Rundell, Noel Sudbury, Stan Cooper, Karina Beeke, Nigel Turner, David Yates, Doug Crammond


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