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HF Retraining Courses

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HF Retraining Course No.1 (Contributed by Dave Porter)

Back row:  B. Murton, A. Snowdon, A. Stevens.
Middle row:  B. Graham, W. Green, B. Keenan, I.Lowery, J.McMillan.
Front row:  H. Baines, L.W. Bowen, D.W. Curry, D. Elcock, T. Ferguson, J. Fulthorpe.

HF Retraining Course No.2 (Contributed by Dave Porter)

Back row:  P. Lovesey, G. Lowery, K. Radford, Roberts, Sylverwood Browne, A. Temple, R. Tyler.
Front row:  J. Carlton, Combe, Jack Cousin, M. Elstob, R. Huntley, Hodgson, D. Howard.

HF Retraining Course No.3 (Contributed by Dave Porter)

Back row:  D. Scott, A. Short, D.R. Vallis, F.V.H. Wright.
Middle row:  B.S. Mackay,  F. Martin, G. Parry, W. Perry.
Front row:  P.C. Bess, A.E. Brown, P. Dolan, B. Dowman, J.T. Green, Henderson.

HF Retraining Course No.4 (Contributed by Dave Porter)

Back row: F. Holmes, W. Jennings, R. Knott, A. Knowles, W. Lane, G. Smith, B. Thomas.
Front row:  A. Brice,  J. Chantler, M. Corfield, K. Crew, G. Field, P. Fielding, A Hedditch.

HF Retraining Course No.5 (Contributed by Dave Porter)

Back row:  B. Porter, D. Truscott, J. Vaughan.
Front row:  R. Barnes, J. Burch, D. Dymott, A. Gleed, J. Marsden, I. McGregor. 

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