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Probationary Technical Assistant Courses

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Each person attending a 'Probationary' course would not usually be allowed to continue working at the BBC if they failed the course.

PTA course No. 3, Television section, 17th November to 20th February 1958.  (Contributed by John Noakes)

Back row: E M Reynolds, R B Waterhouse, D J Corbet, A Fox, C A Mallett
3rd row: J Froggatt, J E Noakes, C F E Lacille, P G Matthews, D E Walmsley, M J Miller, B J Leavesley
2nd row: B V G Hales, B Edwards, A T Glasstone,D E Taylor, R F Butson, D Southgate, J E Bocking, B C Cotrill
Front row: J Muxworthy, R L Christie, N D T Lewis, J N T Gillespie, B V G Hughes, H T Stevenson
Missing from the photo but on the course is R B Christie

Several of us on the PTA course applied for a C course while still preparing for the PTA exam. The reaction we got was "If you pass the PTA course exam you will be considered for the next available C course" The good news is that we all passed and so were back at Wood Norton with just a two month break from our studies.

PTA course No. 5, Summer 1959.  (Contributed by Bert Gallon)

Back row: ?, ?, Crighton Hales, Harry Brown, Stan Collinson, Denis Rawle, Glyn Jones, ?

Third row: ?, ?, Gerry Kingdon, Keith Hornby, John Helps, ?, David Bruce

Second row: David Dymott, Bert Gallon, ?, ?, ?, Peter Waite, (?) Shepherd, ?

Front row: Eric Stoves, Emyr Williams, ?, Arnold Kirkland, Bert Hatton, ?

PTA Maintenance Course No.1,  July 1960 at Evesham (Contributed by Brian Balshaw)

Click the picture to see an enlargement.
Roger Tone says: "I am pretty sure the guy 5th from the right in the back row is Malcolm Dickinson from AP". [In September 2014 this was confirmed by his son Jamie Dickinson.]
Some of the people in the above picture are also in the "Manchester Group" picture below.

PTA Maintenance Course No.1, July 1960 - The Manchester Group (Contributed by Brian Balshaw)


Back Row:
John Hawley, Dave Chastney, John Richards, George Newbury, Les Dagleish, Tony Griffiths, Brian Balshaw.

Front row:
Dave Green, Ralph Bennett, Brian Farrelly, Albert Kinsella.

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