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In the early sixties the training progression for Technical Assistants joining transmitters was a TA Course of 13 weeks, C Part I Course of 7 weeks after approx 18 months, C  Part II Course of 9 weeks after approx 2˝ years followed by promotion to Grade C Designate.  After 12 months satisfactory service as C Designate, there was automatic promotion to Grade C Engineer as vacancies arose.  (Thanks to Jon Aberdein for providing this information and some additional names.)


C Part II Course No 54 - 1966(?)  (Contributed by Phil Brooks)

Back row: Eric Hamblin, ?, Alan Davis, Phil Gray, Jon Aberdein, Reg Gay, Roger Green
Middle row: Barry Curson?, Pete James, Jim Cleland, Phil Brooks, Mike Hall, Dave Lugger, ? ,?
Front row: Clarke George, ?, Maurice Bacon, Mike Doyle, ?, Mike Elstob.


C66 Part II (Transmitters), early 1970 (Contributed by Maurice Lovelock)

Back row: Musoke (Uganda), Lubega (Uganda), Attah (Ghana), Annan (Ghana), Hamala (Uganda), Massey (Skelton), Ritchie (Skelton)

Front row: Hyde (Rampisham), Orchard (Daventry), Barton (Wenvoe), Lovelock (Daventry), Laven (K.W.), Hughes (Skelton), Kerrigan (Kirk O’Shotts), Avis (Daventry)


C Part II Course TV Transmitters, November 1974 (Contributed by Mike Maskell)

Back Row: Mike Maskell, Overseas, Overseas, Jim Troy, Steve Welch
Front Row: ?, Peter Chamberlain, Nigel Hall


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