Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
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C Part 2 Radio, No. 193, Late 1984.     (Contributed by Steve Ridley)

Back Row: Neil Sedley, M.Tozer (Mike?), P.Wilkinson, Andy Wilson.

Front Row: Ian Dyer, Paul Evans, Keith Fisher, Paul Henegan, Gerard Kerin, Phil Kingsbury, Jerry Packer, Steve Ridley.

C(Eng) Radio No.3, probably early 1987 (Contributed by Martin Cox)


C Eng Radio No. 5, January 1988     (Contributed by Geoff Woolf)


C Eng Radio No. 6


C Eng Radio No. 10,    (Contributed by Geoff Woolf)


C Eng Radio No. 11, October 1989     (Contributed by Geoff Woolf)


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