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The intention is that the content should be entirely positive towards the BBC, reflecting the great loyalty and enthusiasm of BBC engineers.  However this does not preclude amusing stories.

As BBC Transmission was privatised in 1997 this seems a logical year to end and as several years have passed since then it should ensure that the content is acceptable to the organisations that carry out equivalent work today.

The BBC gave permission for the book On Air to be published, but it is not always be practicable to get additional permission for individual contributions to this website, so I will try to ensure that they are likely to be acceptable to the BBC as well as any other relevant organisations and individuals.

It is not practicable to put a copyright notice against all individual items (e.g. the PDF files of Eng Inf) and it is not always possible to determine the copyright owner of material.  The nature of the material is that it is very specialised, of interest to a small minority and usually many years old.  As a consequence, where appropriate, copyright is duly acknowledged as follows:

  • British Broadcasting Corporation

  • Arqiva (now owner of the Home services part of what used to be BBC Transmission)

  • Babcock Communications (now owner of the World services part of what used to be BBC Transmission)

  • Contributors to this web site as listed on the New Items page

  • Any copyright owner who requests a specific copyright notice in a contribution

Please contact this web site if any material gives you cause for concern regarding copyright.

Use of names, initials and email addresses

Individuals are referred to by name except where there is concern that they might object, in which case initials are used.  If you object to your name, initials or picture being used then please let me know and I will amend the web site.  The web site does not include personal addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.  If a contribution includes an email address it will be under the domain of this web site, with forwarding to the contributor's real email address.  


Individual articles include an acknowledgement to the contributor.  In addition acknowledgements are listed on the New Items page.

Browser compatibility

The web site is intended for viewing with Internet Explorer version 7, but most pages can be displayed using earlier versions and other browsers.


If necessary, the publication policy will be amended as the web site develops.

If anything on the web site gives cause for concern then please let me know.

Martin Ellen
4 December 2006

Updated 17 January 2014