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C Courses (Studios)

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C course No 31, 27th April to 31st July 1959 (Contributed by John Noakes).

Back row: Sound Studios, Recording, Lines.      Middle and front rows: Television Studios.

Back row: B R Binding, W R J Campbell, A F E Robins, L P Hutchines, A Cumberworth, J M Liddle, G E Read, A Fox, F E Tear.
Middle row: R Couling, G W Alford, E Camburn, D W Bright, R F Butson, H E Burdin, J E Bocking, W G Isaacs.
Sitting: H T Stevenson, I N T Gillespie, C I Munrow, F J Prendergast, J E Noakes, J Froggatt, B V G Hales.


C course No 43, 30th Dec 1963 to 3rd April 1964, Group 1 (Contributed by Fred Wylie).

Back row: Ellis B., Campbell G H., Carson C J., Cake J A., Patterson S S., Anthony J., Jones R J., Murphy J N T., Peatey A J., Wright J N., Thulborn F.,

Middle row: Smith D A., Richards P A., Mercer W D., Stafford G R., Flowers B., Garrett W M., Bumford D J., Stevens B K C., Cory C N., BaxterP J., Hill M J., Hawkins R C., Dunmall D R.,

Front row: Charlton K S., Cole P., Cathie A D., Wylie C F., Ward B A., Kwawukume O A., Woolmer J J., Garman M W.,Phillips N J., Martin A G..

C course No 43, 30th Dec 1963 to 3rd April 1964, Group 2 (Contributed by Fred Wylie).

Back row:Roberts G R., Cripps M P., Lloyd M J., Case L R E., Hamilton J O.,

Front row: Cotta P X S S., Rawe D G., Main W H., Docker R T., Hiscox R E., Jones P l., Johnson P M., Englefield B., Englefield B J., Ifidon R O.,



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