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 C Eng Transmitter Courses

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C Course No. 35, Autumn/Winter 1960 (Contributed by Bert Gallon)

Back row: ?, Don Webb, ?, ?

Middle row: ?, Tom Small, Bert Gallon, Noel(?) West, ?, ?

Front row: (?) Curtis, Brian Kendall, Denis Maynard, Ron Forster, Les Gladstone, Vernon Teale

C Course No. 42, 1st May to 16th August 1963 (Contributed by Jeff Cant)

Grade C  Part 1 Course No 45. 27th April - 31st July. 1964    (Contributed by Jon Aberdein)

!st Row(Back) Harrison.R., James.T., Jones.R.G., Doyle.M., Northam.F.D., George.K.C., Waters.J.H.

2nd Row McGhie.R.E., Swaysland.D., Hamblin.E.R., Lonsdale.P., Tobin.P.F., Fox.J.D., Peacock.J.F.

3rd Row Hughes.R.O., Jameson.D.E., Tuck.B., Cleland.J., Aberdein.J., Gay.R., Green.R.

4th Row(Front) Metcalfe.R., Perkins.J.M., Spink.B.S., Meaker.J., Viveash.R., Widger.P.

C Course, C75 Transmitters, 1971 (Contributed by Jim Pole)

Back Row: Roger Matthewson, Jim Pole, John Smerdon, Graham Smith, Ken Swaine, Chan (?). 
Front Row: Graham Curtis, Peter Mensforth, Bob Shaw, Barry Thorne, Mike Bartlett, Graham Jones


C Course, Transmitters, 1981 (Contributed by Chris Turton)




C Course, Transmitters, 1982 (Contributed by Chris Turton)


C Eng Tx No.10

Back row: Kevin O'Sullivan, David Pierrie, Gary Roberts, Wayne Stephens
Front row: Graham Crooks, Dave Irvine, ? (form Lesotho)


C Eng Transmitters 1989 (Contributed by Paul Roberts)

Back row: John Taylor, Paul Roberts, Pete Smith, Gary Stanley, Ian Tickle, Martin Williams,

Front row: Ian Baillie, ??, ??, Paul Convery, John DeBank, Paul Dunn, ??, Craig Brownlie?


C (Eng) Transmitters 93/1 (Contributed by Phil Minett)

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