Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
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A Funds Tx No.24.   August 1989

Back row: James Briggs, Nichola?, Gordon Conway, Julie Cunliffe, Peter Ireson.
Front row: Martin Jamieson , Bill Joyce, Neil Nasralla, Paul Perry.
(Thanks to Neal Cartwright, Tony Doherty and James Briggs for the names)

A Course, Transmitters, No.90,  1982 (Contributed by Alan Taylor)

A Eng Fundamentals 1986 (Contributed by Paul Roberts)

Back row: Paul Roberts, Pete Smith
Front row: Paul Mcketty,  Andy Milne, Ewan o Docherty, John O Dolan

A (TXS) Broadcast Practice 94/1, March 1994 (Contributed by Ian Anderson)

Ian writes: "It was slightly unique in that the majority of the course did not actually work for the BBC. Myself and colleagues worked for BT Aeronautical and Maritime. In fact there were only two BBC employees, Nigel Mather and Richard Lecrivain. ....... I really enjoyed my time at Wood Norton. The standard of teaching was second to none. The place had a really nice atmosphere and our lecturer Richard Penman made the subject come alive and was one of natures gentleman. I look back fondly on my time with the BBC and its sad that the place is no more."



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