Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
The British Broadcasting Corporation
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Technical Instructions - post 1949

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Scanned and contributed by Nick Cutmore

The TIs can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below. The files are in PDF format and it is best to open them with a new tab (right click) so that you can easily return to this page.

TI_BU1_Bush House Control Room


TI_F1_Double Film Camera.pdf

TI_F2_Arriflex 16-mm Motion-picture Camera.pdf

TI_F3_Arriflex 35-mm Motion-picture Camera Model IIA.pdf

TI_F4_Auricon Cinevoice 16-mm Motion-picture Camera.pdf

TI_F5_Auricon Super-1200 16-mm Motion-picture Camera.pdf

TI_F6_Eclair cameflex 16_35-mm Motion-picture Camera.pdf


TI G1 General Information New in Jun 2020


TI_GP1_Switching Circuits And Logic

TI_GP2_Pulse Code Modulation

TI_GP3_Digital Methods Of Controlling Frequency And Phase

TI_GP4_The Rubidium Frequency Standard

TI_GP5_Ferrite-Core Stores

TI_GP6_The Dolby System


Multichannel Telephone Carrier Communication System New in Jun 2020

TI_L2_Communications Calling Equipment New in Jun 2020

TI_L3_Equalisers and Repeaters New in Jun 2020

TI_L4_Lines Termination Equipment New in Jun 2020

TI_L5_Automatic Routine Line-testing Equipment New in Jun 2020

TI_L6_Telegraph Terminal Equipment New in Jun 2020


TI  P1 Picture Source Schronising (including unit code TIs)


TI_P2_Part1_Audio Test Procedures

TI_P2_Part1_R.F. Test Procedures

TI P2 early version of rf-test-proc-c1979.pdf

TI_P2_Part1_Test Procedures

TI_P2_Part1_Video Test Procedures

TI_P2_Part2_Operating Instructions

TI_P2_Part3_Test Waveforms

TI_P2_Part4_Measurement Techniques



TI_P3_Waveform Distortion And Correction)

TI_P4_Stereophonic Broadcasting

TI_P5_Electronic Standards Conversion)


TI_P9_Type-D Sound Control Equipment - System Description

TI_P15_Sound In Syncs)

TI_P16_V.T.R. Timecode And Its Applications)


TI_R1_BBC Disc Reproducing Equipment Type D

TI_R2_BBC Disk Recording Head Type B

TI_R3_BBC Portable Disk Recording Equipment

TI_R4_Presto Recording Equipment

TI_R5_Disk Reproducing Equipment

TI_R6_R. G. D. Transportable Magnetic Recorder

TI_R7_Miscellaneous Recording Equipment

TI_R8_Power Supplies To Recording Areas

TI_R9_Leevers Rich Transportable Tape Recorder

TI_R10_Transistorised Recorders RD4_1 And RD4_501

TI_R11_Portable Tape Recorders

TI_R12_Leevers-Rich Console Mounted Magnetic Tape Recorders And Reproducers

TI_R13_Perfectone Magnetic Tape Equipment EP-6A

TI_RX1_Linking Consoles For Tape Recorders


TI_S1_Relays And Uniselectors


TI_S3_25_Pamphonic Public-Address Equipment

TI_S4_Audio Frequency Test Apparatus.pdf

TI_S4_AppA_The Zero Phase-Shift Oscillator With Wien-Bridge Control

TI_S5_Studio Equipment Type A

TI_S6_Automatic Monitors

TI_S7_Studio Equipment Type B

TI_S8_Loudspeakers And Loudspeaker Units


TI_T1_5_Frequency Synthesiser Type XUA Functional Description

TI_T2_Quartz Oscillators & BBC Crystal Drive Equipment.pdf    Prospero article about COU.4

TI_T4_BBC Variable-frequency Drive Equipment

TI_T5_BBC Frequency-checking Equipment

TI_T6_Short Wave Transmission Lines And Aerial Arrays

TI_T9_Rebroadcast Receivers

TI_T10_Band II Transmitters - Programme Input, Control And Monitoring - Part 1 Basic Methods And

TI_T10_Band II Transmitters - Programme Input, Control And Monitoring - Part 2 Individual Statio

TI_T10_Band II Transmitters - Programme Input, Control And Monitoring - Parts 1 & 2

TI_T11_V.H.F. Transmission Lines And Aerials

TI_T12_V.H.F.  F.M. Translators

TI_T14_Power Supply Installations - General

TI_TT5_Medium-Wave Impedance Matching Networks

TI_TT7_Droitwich 4 Transmitting Station (complete - original circuits).pdf

TI_TT7_Droitwich 4 Transmitting Station (complete- black & white circuits).pdf


TI_TVX8_Principles Of The Ampex Videotape Recorder


TI TX3 SHF Propagation New in June 2020


TI_V1_Television Practice - Picture-Source  Synchronising

TI_V3_10pt1_Pulse And Bar Test Methods And Generators

TI_V5_3_Balanced Pair Cable Equalisation Equipment

TI_V6_Video Tape Recording

TI_V12_2_Ledex-Operated Switch Equipment

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