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The contents of the Vault is listed here.

If you would like access to a specific item please email giving the following information:-

  1. Item required, as described in the list, plus additional information if necessary.
  2. Reason for request.
  3. In brief, your relevant background including any relationship with the BBC.
  4. Your name, address and phone number.

This information is required to help assess whether the requirement below will be respected.

Any intellectual property rights in these documents are owned/licensed by the original author(s) and/or their employer(s). They are made available for private study use only and on the understanding that no warranties are provided (in relation to third party intellectual property rights or otherwise) and that all liabilities relating to the individual's use of this material rest with the individual.  The information must not be used for commercial purposes unless express permission is obtained from the author(s) and/or their employer(s). 

The information must not be published. Sharing with a small number of persons is permitted, provided that the above procedure is replicated.

Please email one person below by clicking on their name (which should open a new email).  They all hold a copy of the Vault.

Martin Ellen, bbceng webweaver.

More names will be added in due course.



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