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The next D&ED Reunion Lunch might be held in early November 2021 at the Victory Services Club near Marble Arch in London.  This page will be updated when the situation becomes clearer.

The Victory Services Club (Tel. 0207 723 4474) is on the corner of Seymour Street and Edgware Road. Seymour Street is second on the left as you walk up Edgware Road from Bayswater Road. The nearest underground is Marble Arch. We shall be meeting downstairs in the Trafalgar Room. The bar will be open at 12 noon and lunch will be served at 1 pm. We can use the room until 4.30 pm.

If you were associated with the Designs, Equipment, Research or Capital Projects Departments then you will probably know several other people at the lunch and you would be welcome to join us.  Spouses and friends will also be welcome. The pictures below show who attended previous lunches.

If you have not attended before but would like to do so, please email Martin Ellen by clicking here. Those who have attended in recent years will be sent an email in September regarding payment.

Chris Christodoulou will be your main contact at the venue, as Chris is organising the lunch.  Martin Ellen is your contact for all matters regarding payment.

Pictures from D&ED reunion lunches

Photographers: John Robinson, John Sykes, Alan Rowe, Neale Davison.
Pictures compiled by John Robinson.

Since 2004, the events have been held at the Victory Services Club, London.

2019 (12 November) (46) Speaker: Phil Laven

Small Medium Large

2018 (6 November) (43) Speaker: Stephen Baily

Small Medium Large General views

2017 (1 November) (41) Speaker: Richard Salmon

Small Medium Large

2016 (2 November) (40) Speaker: Mark Waddell

Small Medium Large

2015 (11 November) (39) Speaker: John Zubrzycki

Small Medium Large

2014 (5 November) (38) Speaker: Peter Moss

Small Medium Large

2013 (6 November) (35) Speaker: Judy Parnall

Small Medium Large

2012 (7 November) (33)

Small Medium Large

2011 (9 November) (31)


Small Medium Large



2010 (10  November)

Small Medium Large

2009 (11 November)

Small Medium Large

Pictures taken by John Sykes can also be seen by clicking here.

2008 (5 November)

Small Medium Large

2007 (14 November)

Small Medium Large

(After clicking on the thumbnail pictures above, you can see names by pointing at each person.)

2006 (6th November)

Small  Large (462KB)

2005 (9 November) (25)

Identity parade! Additional pictures

2004 (10 November) (25)

Without names With names

2003 (1 October) at Motspur Park (17)

Small Large

2002 (2 October) at Motspur Park (18)

Small Large