Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
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D&ED was formed at Avenue House, Chiswick in 1987 by merging Design Group (from Western House) with Equipment Department.
The staff of Design Group on 14 September 1987.
Design and Equipment Department organisational chart, 1989.

Picture contributed by Richard Russell


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D&ED - Funding The Future.  Reorganisation note, July 1990.

Design & Equipment Department, Avenue House, Staff Handbook 1990.

D&ED Telephone Directory 1991.

D&ED reorganisation, March 1992.

D&ED engineering components catalogue (sample only).


My Career in the BBC: Part 2, by Richard Russell
This article follows on from Part 1 (see No. 11 here) and covers the rest of Richard's BBC career. It is listed on a Designs Department page in order to keep the two parts together but, as Richard explains, both he and the Department moved on as a result of organisational changes. Initially he moved to D&ED. Richard's achievements were spectacular and represent BBC engineering at its best.