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22 Dec 2021 BBC Roving Eye Citroen CX Paul Elkington is recreating the BBC Roving Eye Citroen CX from the early 1980s and would appreciate help with any info regarding the layout of the inside of the vehicle, as he wants to faithfully reproduce it as close to the original as possible. He has a CX and work has started. He has the TBC, LDK, waveform, vector and monochrome monitor, the BBC coms rack and the Cox equipment, but needs to find a Barco colour monitor.  He has a couple of pictures that help a lot, but it is the equipment that's out of site that he needs info on, especially the tx and rx kit.
14 Jul 2020 BBC Select The HackTV developers would like to speak to anyone who was involved in BBC Select. We're looking for Selector receivers, Viewing or Installer smart cards, and any information we can find on the system -- especially the encoder.

The team is hoping to extend our work in generating VideoCrypt signals to also generate VideoCrypt-S (Select) signals. Please see for more information on the project

Our aim is to preserve the technical means of generating these signals for future generations.

17 May 2021 AM4/507 Brian Summers from the MCR21 project would appreciate donations of AM4/507 distribution amplifiers.
5 Jan 2021 Bournemouth 6BM Fraser Donachie is researching the early BBC station 6BM located in Bournemouth (1923-1939) and is very interested in the following aspects:
  • Transmitter arrangements at the Bushey Road site
  • Studio arrangements at Holdenhurst Road
  • Photographs or other archive material would be greatly appreciated
  • Contemporary press articles describing the station are sought
  • Memories of the staff, as well as technical details, are welcomed.
5 Jul 2020 ED Specs

Peter O'Shea would appreciate copies of the following Equipment Department specifications:-

ED112 Cables & Wires, General Specification

ED120 Technical Equipment, General Specification

ED121 General Conditions of Contract

ED138 Anodised Finish (i.e. for metallic materials treatments on alu. housings- Iím sure like most companies this is going to closely resemble DEF STAN 03-24/25 and the BS of the time)

ED139 Requirements for the Manufacture of Printed Wiring Boards (includes the PCB Photostat process)

ED141 Requirements for the Gold Plating of Edge Contacts on Printed Wiring Boards

ED143 Wiring Techniques Utilising Solderless Wrapped Joints

ED155 Requirements for solder Resist and Component Placement Legends on Printed Wiring Boards

ED2200 Equipment Department Finishes, General Specification Series (I believe this doc has the BBC 'Grey' electronic equpt. spec in it)

ED3002 Insulating Tubing and Sleeving

15 Jun 2020 Uher Report Monitor - speed mods David McMahon writes:  "Does anybody have the detailed information on how to convert a BBC modified single speed (7.5 ips) Uher Report Monitor portable tape recorder back to a standard 4 speed machine.

I know roughly the main areas:-

1. Speed change control shaft (cut off) to be re-instated, how (just new shaft or new speed control), where can shaft/control/control knob be obtained ?

2. Speed control micro switches rewiring (K5/K6/K8).

3. Double Start micro switch (K4) back to single switch.

4. Double Rewind micro switch (K7) back to single switch.

5. Cut track on main circuit board to be re-instated.

Note - the document on various web sites detailing the BBC modifications to the Uher Report IC & L models does not appear to touch upon the fixed speed modifications."

30 Mar 2020 DD Report from 1949 - Swarf removal John Lancaster is desperately trying to find a BBC Designs Report. Number I.5 (49). It is in relation to swarf removal on disc recording systems and is referenced in Technical Instruction R4, page 22.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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