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VIDEO Information Sheets


Colour and Lighting

Cameras and Monitors

Equipment, Systems and Standards

Film and Telecine

Pulse generation and Signals


Videotape and Recording

Colour and Lighting

Colour (65W) (1980)

An Introduction To The Colorimetrty Of Colour Television (21B) (1968)

Colour Temperature And Mired Value (42K) (1967)

Colorimetric Tables (59F) (1979)

The CIE XYZ System of Colour Specification (31P) (1978)

The CIE Uniform Chromaticity Scale Diagram (31L) (1977)

Some Standard Illuminants Used in Colorimetry (31K) (1983)

Lighting For Television (63H) (1972)

Lighting For Television - Basic Considerations (40G) (1971)

Lighting For Television - Basic Portraiture (44T) (1971)

Cameras and Monitors

Colour Television - Basic System (40U) (1977)

Photoconductive Camera Tubes (56B) (1978)

The Plumbicon Camera Tube (preliminary handout) 

The Plumbicon Camera Tube  (1982)

The Plumbicon (56B) (1967)

Introduction to the Plumbicon Camera Tube  (1983)

The Saticon Camera Tube  (1983)

56A_The Vidicon (1967) New in June 2020

42B_Line Up Procedure For EMI 201 Vidicon Camera Channel (1966) New in June 2020

Solid State Image Sensors  (1985)

Camera Tubes Beam Stab, Focus, Scanning and Alignment (16E) (1981)

Camera Tube Developments (34J Appendix)  (1982)

The Colour Camera Channel (29E) (1967)

Three Tube Colour Camera Channels (16F) (1980)

Video Processing In Three Tube Colour Camera Channels  (1983)

40C_Camera Channel Line Up Procedure (1967) New in June 2020

Camera Automatics  (1985)

Multiplexing in Camera Channels  (1985)

Introduction To The Link 110 Colour Camera (16P) (1980)

Introduction To The LDK5 Camera (16S) (1981)

LDK5 Operating Modes (16T)

Television Picture Monitors (Monochrome) (20E) (1978)

Picture Monitors  (1983)

Colour Receiver Block Diagram 

Colour Television Displays (23B) (1984)

Colour CRT Types 

Grey Scale Tracking (23C) (1975)

Line and Field Scan Generation  (1977)

Convergence (23B) (1975)

13L_Colour Monitors And Receivers (1970) New in June 2020

Equipment, Systems and Standards

Monochrome Television Fundamentals (20T) (1983)

Colour Television Systems  (1983)

Test Card F New in June 2020

The Television Studio (3G)

An Introduction to Vision Mixing (22H) (1983)

Introduction To Vision Mixers (MIX)

Grass Valley Mixers in the BBC (22U) (1983)

Introduction to the 1620 Mix Effects Amplifier  (1982)

Video Timing in a Studio Centre  (1983)

The Television Broadcast Chain (21C) (1984)

Studio Line Up  (1984)

The Television Transmission Chain (59L) (1979)

Coaxial Cable For Video Signal Transmission  (1982)

Television Transmission Standards (58F) (1979)

The NTSC Television System (22P) (1983)

The SECAM Colour Television System (22S) (1983)

Television SB System (6A) (1980)

The Vision Contribution Network (41L) (1980)

EBU Standard for Digital Video (17F) (1985)

The Use Of Oscilloscopes For TV Waveforms (22D) (1983)

Constructional Project - Video Amplifier (14E) (1982)

Unit Fault Finding (Field Interval Switch) (14G) (1983)

Monochrome Monitor Fault Finding (22B) (1981)

Project P1 (TV Sound Monitor Switching) (13H) (1980)

Insertion Communication Equipment 

Film and Telecine

Film and Telecine (21K) (1977)

Film Camera to Telecine (35T) (1981)

Colour Film And Colour Telecines (15K) (1971)

Telecine 1-10 + notes 

Telecine 1-10 

Principles of the Continuous Motion, Twin Lens, Flying Spot TK (37H)

Pulse generation and Signals

Sync Pulse Generation 1 (41F) (1983)

Sync Pulse Generation (41F) (1986)

Sync Pulse Generation Part II (12D) (1982)

Sync Pulse Generator Waveforms (44E) (1984)

Derivation of Subcarrier and Twice Line frequency (12C) (1984)

Subcarrier To Line Relationships (20W) (1986)

The Genlock SPG (12B) (1984)

Video - To Digits and Back (17P) (1983)

Principles of Digital Synchronisers for Video Signals (17T) (1982)

Dynamic RAMs as Video Stores (17E) (1984)

Digital Storage - The Effect of PAL CSC-Sync Relationship (17U) (1982)

Television Standards Conversion  (1984)

 Caption Black Edge Systems (23J) (1978)

Character Generation Using Dot Matrix Methods (20G) (1985)

Run Length Encoding of Video Characters (20H) (1985)

Colour Separation Overlay (23G) (1985)

Technical Aspects of CSO (3L) (1977)

Coding (65Y) (1982)

PAL Coding Revision (21W) (1984)

Comb Filter Techniques in PAL Decoding  (1985)

Colour Correction Linear Matrices (25C) (1970)

Vision Mixer Wipe Pattern Generation (23H) (1978)

The Use of Oscilloscopes for TV Waveforms (22D) (1983)

An Introduction to Television Measurements (23K) (1982)

Non-Linear Distortion Measurement (27S) (1978)

Non-Linearity In A Video Signal Path (21M) (1981)

The Measurement of Linear Distortion in Video Ttransmission Systems (21G)

Pulse And Bar Measurements (27P) (1978)

Video Processing and Noise  (1985)

Noise On A Video Signal (21S) (1981)

Insertion Test Signals (13A) (1982)

IF Amplifier Responses for U.K. T.V. Receivers (5M) (1978)


Intro To Satellite Earth Stations And Transponders (CBSTXXXX) (1996)

Satellite Uplink Equipment (CBSTXXXX) (1996)

Satellite Uplink Operation (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

Satellite Link Propagation (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

Satellite System Electronics (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

Parabolic Dish Antennas For Satellite Communications (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

Satellite Orbits (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

Satellite Footprints (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

Satellite Look Angles (from WN) And Frequency Plans (CBSTXXXX) (1996)

Satellite System Operators And Uses (CBSTXXXX) (1996)

Satellite Link Budgets (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

TV Feed Satellite Link Budget (WN) (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

TV Feed Satellite Link Budget (WN) CML System (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

Eurovision and Euroradio Satellite Circuits (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

Analogue FM Modulation Systems for Satellite Links (CBST3551) (1995)

Digital Modulation For Satellite Links (CBSTXXXX) (1996)

Digital TV Satellite Links (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

8Mbps Digital TV Satellite Links (CBSTXXXX) (1996)

Videotape and Recording

Video Tape Recording (34A) (1974)

Broadcast Video Tape Recording 

Video Tape Recording Signal Systems 2 (preliminary) 

Video Tape Recording Signal Systems 2  (1985)

Helical Scan VTR Formats for 1 Inch Tape (early) (17A) (1979)

Helical Scan VTR Formats for 1 Inch Tape (17A) (1985)

'Colour Under' Signal Systems for VT  (1985)

VT Editing (23Y) (1982)

BVU-800 Editing - Operational Checks (9L) (1983)

Introduction to Practical Work on the VPR-2  (1984)

The Scanner Servo of the Ampex VPR2  (1983)

Auto Scan Tracking (incomplete)  (1985)

VPR-2 Capstan Servo  (1983)

VPR-2 Block Diagrams 

Timebase Correction  (1984)

An Outline of the Ampex TBC (annotated)  (1981)

An Outline of the Ampex TBC  (1981)

Videotape Systems Summary