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ETD Information Sheets - General


GENERAL Information Sheets



Installations and Safety

Logic Circuits


Principles and Methods

Signal Processing and Measurement



The Transformer (Introduction)  (1964)

An Introduction To The Transformer (43M) (1980)

Power Supplies  (1982)

D.C. Power Supply Units (63G) (1978)

Switched Mode Power Supplies (59D) (1979)

26C_Semiconductors (1970) New in June 2020

Semiconductor Fundamentals  (1980)

Semi-conductors  (1965)

Semiconductors (A Course) (2A) (1978)

Types Of Transistor  (1964)

Semiconductor Devices (14B) (1977)

The Silicon Controlled Rectifier  (1964)

The Unijunction Transistor, FET And Tunnel Diode  (1964)

Transistor DC Conditions and Bias (preliminary) 

Transistor Parameters and Equivalent Circuit  (1980)

Single-Stage Amplifiers (63F) (1977)

Common Emitter Connection OC170, OC171 and OC71 characteristics  (1967)

Operational Amplifiers  (1978)

Oscillators  (1981)

Thermionic Valves  (1978)

Valve Amplifiers  (1978)

EF86 Characteristics (46G)

ECC81 Characteristics (55L)

Introduction To Meter Movements (65G) (1981)

Introduction To Meters - Measurement Of I, V & R (65H) (1981)

An Introduction To Small Electric Motors (45F) (1974)

Ferrite Core Stores (61W) (1971)

Three-phase Induction Motor (1965) New in June 2020

Capacitor Motors (1965) New in June 2020

Installations and Safety

Safety regulations - Questionnaire (42U) (1978)

Basic Electrical Safety (46H) (1982)

General Rules Of Manual Lifting (42H) (1977)

First Aid And Road Accidents 

Control Room 50V Alarm System (28A) (1975)

Telephones (30A) (1972)

Telephones (later) (30A) (1978)

Telephone Experiment (34K) (1976)

Operating Instructions For The EMX  (1964)

An Introduction to Communication Systems (5P) (1981)

Communications (36D) (1981)

Communications Exercise 

Studio Communications in Radio and Television (65S) (1977)

Operational Positions - Control Rooms & Ops Centres (62T) (1983)

Continuities (32F) (1976)

Continuities (later) (32F) (1978)

Central Apparatus Room, TVC (58H) (1978)

Frequency Response And Construction Of Various P.O. Cables  (1965)

Logic Circuits

Basic Logic Gates (61K) (1971)

Logic Circuits Using NAND Gates (preliminary)  (1971)

Types Of Circuits Used For The Basic Logic Gates (61L) (1971)

Logic Circuits Using Combinations Of Basic Gates (61M) (1971)

Boolean Algebra (61P) (1971)

Bistables (preliminary) 

Bistable Discrete (preliminary) 

Binary Arithmetic (61J) (1970)

Bistable Circuits (61S) (1971)

Counters And Shift Registers (61T) (1971)

Counter (preliminary)  (1971)

Counter And Shift Register Using D-Type Bistables (preliminary)  (1971)

Counters With Feedback (preliminary)  (1971)

Counters With Feedback (61Y) (1971)

Up And Down Counters (preliminary)  (1971)

Decade Divider (Type SN7490) (preliminary) 

Comparators (preliminary)  (1971)

Shift Register (preliminary)  (1971)

Monostables (preliminary)  (1972)

Pseudo-Random Binary Generator (preliminary) 

Waveform Generator (preliminary)  (1971)

Propagation Delay Of Logic Circuit Elements (preliminary) 

24 Hour Digital Clock (preliminary)  (1971)

Numerical Indicators (preliminary)  (1971)


Board Of Governors (34U) (1983)

Various Organisational Charts 

BBC Income & Ependiture For Year Ending 31-03-1983 (39C) (1983)

A Course Assessment Standards (63B) (1981)

Instruction To Students For Preparation Of Laboratory Reports  (1963)

Technical Background Pre-Test (60P) (1979)

Electronic Calculators And Statutory Courses (3E) (1983)

Symbols Used In Block Diagrams (33K) (1978)

Technical Glossary For Students (1964) New in June 2020

Principles and Methods

The Principles Of Electricity  (1966)

Electrical Terms And Units (63U) (1976)

Electrical Terms And Units (63T) (1976)

Three Phase  (1965)

Equalisation  (1969)

Magnetic Fields And Electromagnetic Induction (62K) (1976)

Magnetic Fields And Electromagnetic Induction (65D) (1977)

Magnetisation Of Iron (65C) (1978)

Iron In Magnetic Circuits (54G) (1978)

Introduction To Cyclic Alternating Quantities (63P) (1981)

Resistance Combinations (63Y) (1977)

Resistance Combinations (63W) (1977)

Introduction To Pads (64H) (1983)

Pads And Terminations (64J) (1980)

Capacitance Summary Sheet (preliminary)  (1983)

Variation Of Impedance With Frequency (Parts I & II) (64E) (1977)

Input And Output Impedance And Equivalent Circuits (64C) (1983)

Input And Output Impedance - Equivalent Circuits (64D) (1977)

Tech Ops Exercise Sheet 3  (1958)

Revision Questions (Test One) (C Part I) 

A PT I (TEL) Tutorials 

Switching Transistor Circuits (preliminary)  (1978)

The Differential Amplifier or Long Tailed Pair  (1980)

The Emitter Follower and Darlington Pair  (1980)

Video D.A.  (1977)

An Introduction to Multistage Amplifiers (64L) (1979)

Amplification at High Frequencies  (1980)

Properties of Simple Aerials (38D) (1981)

Introduction to Waveguides (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

Basic Principles Of Propagation (preliminary) (1972) New in June 2020

An Introduction to Receivers (63S) (1981)

Soldering  (1968)

TV Practical Projects P1 and P2 (13H) (1980)

The Decibel in Broadcasting (1989) New in June 2020

Servosystems (1970) New in June 2020

Signal Processing and Measurement

AC Waveforms (19E) (1980)

Differentiation and Integration Summary Sheet (45A)

An Introduction To Modulation (48B) (1977)

Amplitude Modulation (Definition Of Terms & Waveforms) (59C) (1974)

Amplitude Modulation  (1978)

Frequency Modulation (Definition Of Terms) (58M) (1974)

Frequency Modulation (58M) (1980)

Frequency Modulation  (1984)

Vector Representation Of An FM Wave  (1976)

Pulse Modulation - Definition of Terms (58L) (1980)

Pulse Code Modulation (44P&44S) (1971)

Differentitation and Integration (46W) (1980)

Filters (preliminary) 

Noise  (1982)

Noise in FM Systems 

Noise Figure Measurement of an RF System (32S) (1992)

Noise In Transistor Circuits  (1964)

Negative Feedback (preliminary)  (1982)

Negative Feedback 1 (preliminary)  (1978)

Negative Feedback 2 (preliminary)  (1978)

Negative Feedback 3 (preliminary)  (1978)

Negative Feedback 4 (preliminary)  (1978)

Introduction to Line Practice (45E) (1980)

Introduction to Equalisation (60S) (1978)

Principles Of Magnetic Tape recording (45T) (1974)

Principles of Magnetic Tape Recording (later) (45T) (1979)

The Decibel (63L) (1978)

Thevenin's Theorem and Norton's Theorem  (1978)

Meters III - Use Of The Multimeter (5L) (1983)

65B_An Introduction To The CRO (1972) New in June 2020

Cossor Double Beam Oscilloscope Model 1035  (1963)

A Practical Introduction to the Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (63A) (1981)

Spectrum Analysers (CBSTXXXX) (1995)

Spectrum Analysers (Probably about 1976) New in June 2020