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Transmission Reunion in 1989

Reunion of ex-transmission staff in December 1989, together with serving staff - many of whom had recently moved to the new headquarters building in Warwick, where the event was held.

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Left to right (approximately*):

1) Mr Thornycroft, David Betts, Reg Cornish, Peter Brett, Jim Pryce-Jones
6) Norman Reed, Neville Pickering, Norman Rhodes, Maurice Williamson, Neil Wilkieson,
11) Charlie Buckle, ?, Jim Drewery, Bryan Holroyd, Ron Renton,
16) Sean Newberry, Colin Bowler, Derek Feek, Stuart Frost, Noel Sudbury,
21) John Barker, Frank Rice, 'Paddy' Paddock(?), John Stark, Arthur Morris,
26) Martin Lee, Fred Haigh, Bill Chetwood, Derek Preston, Bill Mitchell,
31) Tim Eyet, Mike Whyman, Maurice Crawt, Alan English, Ian Lowrie,
36) Jack Paley, Alan Rees, Bert Gallon, Peter Mensforth, Denis Surridge,
41) Bill Dennay, Roy Fleet, Bob Ashman, Mike Stratton, Derek East,
46) Bob Davies, Bill Buckley, Ron Johnson, George McKenzie, Nigel Turner,
51) David Sandbrook, Peter Cleminson, Al Malcolm(?), Fred Bowles, Don Brothers,
56) Colin McKenzie, Les Hands, ?, Geoff Platts, Ian Blanthorn,
61) Jim Gray, Dai Thomas, John Packman(?), Graham Wands, Tony Ratcliffe,
66 Henry Willis, Geoff Morgan, Ivor Tupper, Alec Cockrill, Duncan Whittle,
71) Jim Sleight, Roy Hatton, Martin Ellen, ?, Brian Haseler,
76) Graham Smith, Chris Gill, Tommy Douglas, Roy Bliss

* Click here to download a file showing the picture with a reference number corresponding to the list above superimposed on each person.
The file will open in Microsoft Publisher.  Thanks are due to David Sandbrook for identifying many of the people and for producing the file.

Thanks also to Bert Gallon for identifying more people.

If you can provide any missing names then please email.

Thanks to Geoff Platts who contributed the picture.

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