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Life at BBC Woofferton 1961 - 1995
The working and social life atmosphere as seen by Eileen Briggs, retired Management Assistant

I started work at BBC Woofferton in October 1961. During my first two years I shared an office for part of that time with Mr L.F.Ivin - a strong disciplinarian.

He had. however. a lighter side. I remember well his interest in the local Gilbert & Sullivan society and how he used to pay for the office staff to go with him to see their performances. Mr Ivin would sing in the office passages from the current show and I was almost word perfect on ‘Iolanthe’ before the performance.

Also he enjoyed the Readers Digest Quiz and would test himself against me each month. If he won he took this a bit too seriously resulting in me having to buy the Readers Digest and memorise the answers. The skill was then neither to do too well or too badly.

A limited number of staff were invited to spend the day at Bush House. Mr Ivin chose who would go – only a couple of engineers – the rest all staff like myself .

Over the years I worked with different EiCs. I particularly remember George Turner with his interest in motor racing.

It was 10 years before I was ever called by my Christian name – the use of these names being considered as ‘bad for discipline’.

I remember the grades of BBC visitors being all important to certain EiCs. who personally greeted only those visitors who had a higher grade than themselves.

The informality of the VOA staff visits were a pleasure to behold.

Socially the BBC Club was very active and the Annual Dinner & Dance was well attended.

Outings to places like Ironbridge Power Station were organised. The use of the Station Minibus monthly for a Ladies Outing resulted in my mother getting some good outings. One such outing was a visit to Pebble Mill at 1 and I went home to watch the programme. When the camera tracked in from behind I was delighted to see the ‘Woofferton Party’ sat on the front row. The outings included visits to Royal Worcester, Wedgwood etc.

There was a very united atmosphere and good relationship among the staff at Woofferton especially in difficult times.

I thoroughly enjoyed working at BBC Woofferton and meeting so many interesting people.

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