Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
The British Broadcasting Corporation
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Pictures taken in the mid 1960's
Contributed by Robin Caine

'Quick-Pull-Down' Marconi 16mm telerecorder


QPD with (L to R) Bill Mason the telecine shift supervisor, Dave Cottrell (later a senior man at LWT or Thames - I can't remember which) and Harry Briskham, S.Tel.E


The first VTR, an AmpexVR1000C Quadruplex machine - probably the third or fourth in the whole BBC. (Nearly all valves and very tricky to operate)


RCA TR22 Quadruplex VTR (all solid state but prone to transistor failure at hairy moments!)


Fred Foot's telerecording shift the evening I left:- L to R: ?, Roy Couling, Dave Cottrell, Denis Truscott, Geoff Judd, Fred Foot (in front of ???), Ray Moulden (to left of pipe),?,?,?, last on right was Tony Owens: a great mate in the bedsit world of Muswell Hill/WoodGreen.