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Management Conferences organised by Engineering Personnel Department

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Please click here to see a typical programme for these conferences (240KB PDF file).

Norman Marsden, who contributed the above programme, comments:-
"These conferences were spread over 10 days with every day fully taken up although we did have Saturday afternoon free!  Of interest are some of the speakers including Michael Checkland, then Director of Resources, Television, and Dennis Main-Wilson (who was accompanied by his agent Roger Hancock - brother of Tony) who gave a fascinating and witty talk.  The 'Business Game' was a standard feature of these conferences and involved managing a 'company' over the 10 days by attempting to make the right business decisions."

24 June to 5 July 1968 (Contributed by David Savage)

Back Row:  D.C. Davis; J. McCaw; C. Henocq; J. Cooper; P.D.O. Williams; K.A. Appleby; D.T Leach; H.E. Farrow; G.A. Thompson; W.B Arnold; W.D. Hamer.

Centre Row: D. Cudlip; R.G. Moyes; D.C. Savage; O.R. Lee; L. Stephens; B.J. Smith; K.N. Austin; R.C.W. Carpenter; K.W. Sherriff; N.H. Taylor; W.R. Hawkins; A.C. Ratherham; L.P. Tinson; G.I. Ross; E.E. Dix.

Front Row (seated): A.R. Cockrill; D.G. Jones; C.J. White; R.J. Gough; R.V. Goodman; S.V. Rayner; P.W. Green; R.J. Grimshaw; K.S. Beavins; R.M. Woodbridge.

2 - 13 June 1969 (Contributed by Barbara Best and Tim Burrell)

November 1970 (Contributed by Barbara Best and Tim Burrell)


May 1971 (Contributed by Barbara Best and Tim Burrell)


April 1973 (Contributed by Barbara Best and Tim Burrell)


October 1973 (Contributed by Barbara Best and Tim Burrell)




1978 (Contributed by Alan Baukham)



19th-23 March 1979 (Contributed by Peter Wagstaff)

November 1979 (Contributed by Graham Smith)


New: 23rd to 27th Nov 1981  (Contributed by Jon Aberdein)

Back Row: T.J.Lindfield, D.J.Mount, R.R.A.Brooks, J.Macrea, N.Claxton, J.Zammit-Haber, R.J.Watson, A.Kirkland.
Middle Row: P.Hayes, D.Thurtell, A.Grainger, J.Aberdein, R.P.Marsden, P.L.Harrison, R.M.Singleton, B.T.Fickiling, P.J.Graham.
Front Row: S.J.Searley, P.J.Martin, D.L.Firth, R.Hammond, S.Cresswell, R.J.Morris, M.W.J.Hate, C.G.Ager, Mrs J.P.Wood, R.Rose.

November 1982 (Contributed by Graham Smith)


March 1982 (Contributed by David Porter)


7.3.83 to 18.3.83 (Contributed by Fred Wylie)

Back row: Fred Gelder., Graham Burhop., Win Carnall., Glyn Storey., John Dailley., Tim Hardiman., Paul Grice., Guy McNally.

Middle row:  Chris Symons., Eric Pollen., Ryhs Lewis., Fred Wylie., Peter Wright., Simon Hewitt., Ray Jeffries., Ian Stone.

Front row: Derek Hedges., Gerry Quinn., Bill Murray., Lorraine Baldry., Tony Kendall., Bill Buckley., Phil Lacey., John Spicer.

6.6.83 to 17.6.83 (Contributed by Jim Smith)

9.4.84 to 13.4.84 (Contributed by Jim Smith)


14th - 18th May 1984 (Contributed by Nick Cutmore)


3rd 7th September 1984 (Contributed by Jim Pole)

Back Row: Phil Phillips / Mike Kirby / Chris Jones / John Fowler / Ian Copland / Reg Gay / Geoff McDonnell
Middle Row: Wyn Jones / Jim Gall / Ken Henderson / Peter Jefferson / Bill Smale / Jonathan Duff / John Duffin / James Lucy / Peter Sparks / Paul Scott
Front Row: Christopher Bryan / Bob Cross / Paul Gill / Tony Carrington / Bal Shahi / Chris Gandy / Mike Challenger / Jim Pole / Phillip Pullinger / Martin Legg / George Cash


17-28 September 1984 (Contributed by Norman Marsden)



1985 (Contributed by Mike Jordan)

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EPD Management Course October 1985 (Contributed by David Gallop)

Back Row: Richard Barratt, Michael Winston, George Morley, Stan Massow, Bruce Campbell, Brian Slater

Middle Row: Jerry Champion, Keith Tunstall, Dave Gallop, Barry Sanford, Paul Wheeldon, Robert Heaton

Front Row: Allan Jones, Chris Gandy, Gary Frost, Bill Rowe, Jim Baker, Terry Stone.

EPD Sep 1986 (PDF file)

1st to 12th June 1987 (Contributed by Nick Cutmore)


c1987 (Contributed by John Crosswaite)

Back Row: Dave Morton, Steve Hunt, Peter Duxbury, Richard Schiller
Middle Row: John Crosswaite, Mike Hermans, Richard Hunt, Jim Easterbrook, Harry Hawkins, Martyn Culling
Front Row: Richard Percival, Vic Stanley, Linda Flay, Jackie Baker, Elizabeth Mansbridge, Ian Jefferson, Neil Studley, Phillip Mularkey


New: Two weeks during the first nine months of 1989 (Contributed by Jon Aberdein)

Back Row: Doug Latcham. Dave Munro. Simon Parnall.
Middle Row: Bill Jarrard, Paul Kirk, Peter Howe, Peter Wood-Fisher, Simon Hall, Jon Aberdein, Des Hill.
Front Row: Chris Rivers, Martin Rigby, Rodney Norville, Graham Rimmington, John Howell, Harry Willard, Andy Hughes.

Unknown date (Contributed by Barbara Best and Tim Burrell)


Unknown date (Contributed by Barbara Best and Tim Burrell)


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