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D.E. Engineers' Course No.4 Tx 24.9.62 - 2.11.62 (Contributed by David Gallop)


Back Row: T A McKerr, Maurice Riches, Roy Hanslip, R A (Bob?) Randall, Mike Caine, Roger Jephcott, John Harris, A Austin, Terry Beswarwick.

Front Row: Peter Durose, Brian Skene, D (Derek?) Harley, J Smith, Tony Preedy, Dave Gallop.

Dave Gallop remembers....

"The impressive hotel-standard development of the 1980s at Wood Norton, replacing the earlier austere dormitories, was not the first of such luxury provided by the BBC for students and trainees. Around twenty years before, our transmitter engineering course contingent was accommodated at Hampton House across the river on the other side of town. Tea- and coffee-making gear was provided and we had a GEC 'Overseas Ten' receiver enabling us to keep in touch with our home station! One of the watchmen, Tim, brought bedside morning tea and biscuits - much appreciated before ablutions and the ferrying to Wood Norton by coach for breakfast before our studies could commence. It was also said that Hampton House offered somewhat greater freedom than Wood Norton in respect of extra-muriel activities. Tony Preedy ran a shuttle service using his DKW - a very practical and roomy car despite what one might expect from its East German origins - fully loaded between the Worcester Royal Infirmary and Evesham. I have been ever grateful to Tony for enabling me to meet my wife-to-be Jo at the BBC Club. But its strange how life turns corners because on those nights at the Club we each usually had Gin/oranges. But during our fifty years of marriage I don't think either of us has touched a Gin since!"


D.E. Course No.4 TV October 1962 (Contributed by Robin Caine)


D.E. Course No.5  November 1962 (Contributed by Ron Frith)


D.E. Course No. 12, Winter 1963/4 (Contributed by Eric Pearson.)
(Additional names from Grant Feltham. Additional names and notes about individuals from Phil Manns.)

Back Row: left Graham Haynes (became a Senior Sound Supervisor - at least; specialised in T.V,Classical Music Concerts), 2nd left Phil Manns (became Controller Engineering, Radio Television Hong Kong on secondment), 3rd left Duncan Thomas (S.C.P.D Studio Unit), 4th left Dave ? (left BBC shortly after picture was taken), 7th left Jerry Levy.

Middle row: Dave Jones (Tel O.Bs), Reg Wragg, Neil Pittaway, Eric Pearson, "fred" Smith, ?, 5th from left Glyn Lavier (left BBC shortly after picture was taken), ?, ?, John West.

Front row left - Terry Chapman (left BBC shortly after picture was taken), Frank Page (S.C.P.D. Studio Unit) , 3rd from left Brendon Foley(left BBC shortly after picture was taken “ I joined the BBC to supervise people, not to work in the Black Hole of Telerecording! ), 7th from left Gilbert Altbach, 8th from left Alun Owen (shortly after the photo was taken, Alun was advised by his Establishment Officer to: “Resign – not suited to be a BBC Engineer” !. He joined the Navy and became a senior officer in charge of officer training. Twenty years later, when Harry Henderson retired as Head of Training Department at Wood Norton and political in fighting meant no internal candidate was appointed, Alun - by then Dr Alun Owen - was recruited back into the Beeb as H.E.T.D!”. I remember visiting him in 1983 and we sat in his office, the Duke of Orleans former study in the Chateau. Alun, as irreverent as ever, had his feet on the desk, and we laughed at the change in culture which had seen him return in triumph.)

More information about Alun Owen can be seen on page 7 of Eng Inf No.1.

D.E. Course No. 15, 13.12.65 - 4.3.66 (Contributed by Eric Putt)

Left to Right
Back Row: Cheong W?, Pratt R.G., Chapman P.R., Stickley R.J.G., Stephens R.J., Wilson ?.R., Hawes R.I., Putt E.H., Martin D.R., Gundry K.G.
Middle Row: Donnelly D., Betts D.C., Peckham T.A., Houselander L.S., Box A.J., Wardle J.D., Wood F.B., Shepherd R.J., Emmerson M.H., Davey I.E.
Front Row: Import D.A., Subramanian S., Gill P., Kavanagh C., Roberts H.L., Lister P.B.

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