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D&ED Lunch 6 November 2013

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List of those due to attend

Last updated on 25 October 2013.  Total: 60

Recent additions are highlighted.

  Attending (blank=unknown)  
Roger Allen Yes  
Brian Ammon    
Ron Atkinson    
John Austin    
Roger Benfield Yes  
David Birt Yes  
Margareta Bower    
Colin Bowler Yes  
Lily Box Yes  
David Bradshaw Yes  
John Brooks Yes  
Roger Brownless    
Richard Bryant    
John Burd No  
Graeme Burhop Yes (2)  
Tim Burrell    
Chris Cadzow Yes  
Robin Caine Yes  
Steve Carter Yes  
David Carter    
Chris Christodoulou Yes  
Reg Cook    
Nick Cutmore Yes  
Chris Dalton Yes  
Nick Davies No  
Len Davis    
Neale Davison Yes  
Laurie de Whalley    
Pauline Dearing No  
Peter Durrant Yes  
Derek Eaton No  
Martin Ellen Yes  
Neil Gilchrist Yes (2)  
Mick Gleave Yes  
Denis Granger Yes  
Jim Hayes Yes  
Keith Hayler Yes  
R.B. Heaton Yes  
Richard Hubbard Yes (2)  
Johnny Johnstone No  
David King Yes  
David Kitson Yes  
David LeBreton No  
Rhys Lewis No  
Irena Libura Yes  
Mike Littlewood Yes  
Stephen Lowe Yes  
Ray Marie Yes  
Eric Masters Yes  
Stan May Yes  
George McKenzie    
Neil McLagan    
Tony McLaren Yes  
Tim Moore Yes  
Bill Murray No  
Bert Neale Yes  
Judy Parnall Yes Will be speaking about the present day BBC.
Simon Parnall Yes  
Graham Pitman    
Geoff Platts No  
Kim Popat No  
Henry Price Yes  
Ken Quinton    
Peter Rainger No  
Peter Randall Yes  
David Read Yes  
David Robinson Yes  
John Robinson Yes  
Nigel Roffe Yes  
Alan Rowe Yes  
David Russell Yes  
Richard Russell No  
John Salter Yes  
David Savage Yes  
Tim Shelton Yes  
Carlton Simmonds    
Derek Simmons Yes  
Colin Smith Yes  
Ron Spencer    
Kevin Swales    
John Sykes Yes  
Ray Taylor Yes  
Ivan Thanky Yes  
Kaye Tingey No  
Paul Treleaven Yes  
John Warner No  
Vivian Weeks Yes (2)  
Pam Willoughby Yes  
Brian Wright    


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