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Designs Department - Pictures of People - 1987

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'Royal Princess
' boat trip in 1987:
Pictures taken by Colin Foddering and contributed by Neale Davison

This social event marked the closure of Designs Department at Western House, Great Portland Street and the merging of Design Group with Equipment Department, to form Design and Equipment Department at Avenue House, Power Road Chiswick.  The boat trip on the Thames symbolised the move from central to west London.  The first picture includes a message to commemorate to occasion, from David Kitson, Head of Design Group.


Message from DJMK and signatures of the people who took part in the boat trip, 285KB

Queuing for boat. Peter Tingey in centre, John Salter to the left and Eric Holder in the brown jacket.

Neville & Muriel(?) Watson

Tom Worswick

Charlie Sandbank, Gordon Parker and Jim Moon(?)

?, Ray Marie, David Walker and Bert Neale.

Bert Neale, David Kitson and Peter Denby.

David Walker, Carrie Astle and Bert Neale

?, Tim Shelton and Mrs Sandbank

Johnny Johnstone and Pat Pearson.

Frank Rice and Eric Holder

David Savage, Frank Rice and John Robinson

David Bradshaw and John Astle

David Bradshaw

Martin Ellen

Ray Marie and Martin Ellen

Vivian & Jean Weeks

Bill and Margaret Murray.

Richard Russell and Kim Howard

Richard Lawrence and Bill Chandler

? and Nick Cutmore.

Mike Burl and David Read

Mike Burl and John Robinson

John Robinson and Shonogh Johnson

Neale Davison, John Robinson and Roger Benfield

Lizzie & Richard Hubbard

Jack Hart

Reg Cook

Phil Marks and wife

John & Marian Weston

Ralph Swaffield

Mick Gleave

Mike Parker, Peter Randall, Steve Carter and Simon Auty

Mike Parker and Simon Auty

David Read, Cliff White, ?

Pat Pierson

Ken Conie

Julie Smith and Dick Terry

Dick Terry, Eddie ?, ?, ?

Angie Marsden, ? , Dennis Granger

Bob Savage, Bob Smith, Pat Perkis & partner

Irena Libura

Jeanette Butler & husband

Shonagh Johnson & Mark

Fatima & Taksim Salih

Mel Long and Pat Kerrigan

Simon Parnall, Taksim Salih, Humphrey Lau and Alan Turner

Julian Dunn and Misha Kipnis

Julian Dunn

Brandon Butterworth

The Band - On trumpet is John Walters, then BBC radio producer and ex-member of 'The Alan Price Set'

Regarding the last picture above, Neale Davison has pointed out that according to John Peel's autobiography 'Margrave of the Marshes', apparently, not only was John Walters a member of the  'Alan Price Set' but he was also John Peel's best friend, his producer and best man at John & Shiela's wedding.