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Robert Glyn Jones, a former Senior Transmitter Engineer at Woofferton for over 25 years died on 1st Feb 2021.

Originally from Cockermouth in Cumbria, Glyn started in the BBC in the early 60ís on the traditional TX engineering path as a Technical Assistant at Ozzie 8 and 9 (Skelton) then to an Engineer post at Stagshaw followed by a posting to Woofferton in the early 70ís. His exceptional engineering talents were quickly recognised and he was promoted to TxE in the mid-80ís and very soon after to Senior Transmitter Engineer. By now the HF staff were integrated with TV and this involved much outstation work. Glyn took immediately to that and many of his engineering modifications were implemented just as they had been on the HF senders and the reliability, of particularly, the Marconi UHF-77 equipment at Ridge Hill increased.

He was a licenced radio amateur as G4AIJ and no doubt the diverse skills he gained in that hobby helped him a great deal professionally and vice-versa. Glyn and I were just about to complete both a joint commercial broadcast and amateur radio TX installation project on Clee Hill, it is a great shame he did not live to see it completed.

Barrie Elding commented that Glyn was not one to mince his words, you knew exactly where you were with him; a brilliant engineer, passionate about radio, he enjoyed the challenge of new technology. He was annoyed that he had to retire before the new equipment arrived at Woofferton. There are many of his modifications installed at WOF and all are documented; an RGJ trademark. I have many memories of working with him, both as a Union Safety Rep and engineer and reminded him many times of our first local liaison meeting followed shortly by the first staff meeting.

Written by Dave Porter G4OYX with commentary from Barrie Elding, the present Engineering Manager at WOF.