Clive Rickerby

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Gentleman engineer

Ops & Project Planning

Clive Rickerby, who passed away in September 2018, was born in Devon in 1950. He is best described in the words of a colleague as ‘a gentleman engineer who derived satisfaction from carrying out any given task to the highest possible professional standard’.

Clive started work at the BBC in London in 1969 and spent the whole of his career working on BBC communications in both Operations and Project Planning. Implementation of projects involved close contact with other BBC departments and British Telecom, so Clive’s tact, polite and friendly manner, and good understanding of the subject was a great benefit to both the BBC and BT.

Initially Clive worked mainly on audio systems but later became a telephone specialist responsible for the installation of telephone exchanges and other telephone requirements around the UK. In turn he was based at London BH, then Warwick and finally at Wood Norton for Siemens when telephone work was sub-contracted out by the BBC.

When talking to Clive, it often seemed a long time before he responded to a question or comment but with good cause, as when his answer came it was always well thought out and backed up with reason.

Clive was a railway enthusiast but also a member of the BBC Staff Club, through which he enjoyed rambling and canal boat activities. This widened his circle of friends in other parts of the BBC. After retirement, Clive made a point of staying in touch with his many friends and attending reunions with ex BBC colleagues despite the increasing difficulty caused by illness.

Some years ago Clive suffered from cancer and although it was dealt with at the time, it returned several years later. Despite increasing difficulties and pain, Clive maintained a positive outlook and undertook much travelling to take pleasure in his interests and visiting family members.

As his illness progressed his wife Debbie was a tower of strength and great help in giving Clive the opportunity to continue enjoying his interest in these activities. Our condolences go to Debbie and Barbara, their daughter.

Chris Dale, Martin Ellen, Ken Turner

This obituary appeared in the April 2019 edition of Prospero, the newspaper for retired BBC staff