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This list of acknowledgements covers the period prior to the launch of this web site (Jan 2006).  After this date, acknowledgements are shown in the right column of the New Items page.

1970?            Gordon Parker: Early days of Designs Department

14/3/1973     Dennis Haines: History of the Department from 1947 to 1973 (distributed around the web site).

1977              Designs Department Annual Report (pictures)

1980              Designs Department Annual Report (pictures)

1981?            Opportunities in BBC Engineering Designs Department brochure (pictures)

28/10/2004   Martin Ellen:  Memories of Designs Department from 1970 to 1985

22/11/2004   David Savage: First Steps in Designs Department and help regarding content.

23/11/2004   David Savage: Photograph of Designs Department staff in 1950.

24/11/2004:  Rhys Lewis: Some photographs from Transmission Section

25/11/2004   Richard Russell: Help regarding web site design and content.

1/12/2004     Richard Russell: My career in Designs Department.

9/12/2004     Neale Davison: My first steps into Designs Department.

27/12/2004  John Robinson Pictures of D&ED reunion lunches 2002 to 2004

6/1/2005       'L.G.' Smith: Designs Department's Predecessors and several other articles.

7/1/2005      Gordon Parker: addition to  Early days of Designs Department

17/1/2005    Neale Davison: Pictures taken on the boat trip in 1987 (various photographers).

18/2/2005    Peter Rainger: addition to Memory Lane page.

18/2/2005    Derek Simmons: addition to Memory Lane page.

20/2/2005    Graham Roe: addition to Memory Lane page and Memorabilia page.

6/4/2005      Brian Mason: BBC1 Bright New World.

19/5/2005   David Birt: Third Time Lucky.

19/5/2005   David Birt and Rhys Lewis: The birth of digital transmission and distribution

2/7/2005     Robin Caine: RF Test Set and addition to Memorabilia page.

22/7/05       Rhys Lewis and David Birt: A Technical Overview of the 68PAL Equipment.

24/5/05       George A McKenzie: Corrections/additions to DD 1950 picture information

2/10/05       John Sykes: Pictures of RF Section laboratory and demolition of the Langham.

10/11/05    John Robinson Picture of D&ED reunion lunch 2005

25/11/05    Alan Rowe: Pictures of D&ED reunion lunch 2005.

25/11/05    Paul Whiteing: Full set of EDI sheets (Probably on web site by Jan 2006).

29/11/05    Lily Box: Pictures taken in 1980 and 1983, including secretaries and General Office staff.

4/12/05      Colin Foddering: photographer for 'Royal Princess' boat trip pictures on Pictures of People.

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