Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
The British Broadcasting Corporation
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BBC Engineering Practice:  Volumes 1 and 2
BBC Technical Instruction S10
London Control Room operations manual

Chris Friedlander has kindly offered to provide information from these publications, within reason, on request.
You can contact Chris by clicking on this link.  I will forward your email to him.

BBC Engineering Practice

Most of this information dates from the early 1970s with updates to around 1980.

Volume 1

P.1 Picture Source Synchronising [Natlock]

P.2 Measurements & Test Procedures

Part 1:- Audio Measurements & Test Procedures
            Video Measurements & Test Procedures

Part 2 Operating Instructions:- EP1/508 EP1/523 EP14/1 EQ1/510 EQ1/520 FL1/509B AM1/505 GE2M/559 GE4/520 ME1/502 ME1M/503 ME1/508 TE1/503 TE1/513 TE1/517 TE1/522 UN1/511 UN1/638P UN1/702 UN1/715 UN2/503 UN2/509 UN2/505

Part 3 Test Waveforms

Part 4 Measurement Techniques

P.3 Waveform Distortion & Correction

P.4 Stereophonic Broadcasting

P.5 Electronic Standards Conversion

P.8 Waveforms

P.9 Type-D Sound Control Equipment

P.15 Sound in Syncs

Volume 2

T.1 Section 5: Frequency Synthesiser Type XUA: Functional Description.

T.10 Part I: Band II Transmitters: Programme Input, Programme Control & Monitoring: Basic Methods & Equipment. Appendix D: Theory of Transistor Oscillator.

T.11 V.H.F. Transmission Lines & Aerials.

T.12 Section I: V.H.F. F.M. Translators.

T.14 Power Supply Installations: General.

V.6 Video Tape-recording. Appendix A: Digital Methods of Controlling Frequency & Phase.

Technical Instruction S.10

AM1/4 AM7/2 AM7/3 AM7/4 AM7/4A AM7/5 AM9/4 AM9/5 OT2/2B (Suitcase OB unit) AM6/3 AM1/9 AM1/9P AM5/5 AM8/9 AM9/6 AM9/6A

Most of the above come complete with circuit diagrams.

London Control Room operations manual

Chris also has a copy of this big red manual from the sixties.


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