Nick Cutmore’s TI request - further details.

“I’m trying to track down as many of these documents as possible to scan them for posterity, but I'm not sure which "disciplines" existed. Matters are somewhat complicated by the fact that the information in these TIs was sometimes redistributed amongst the later ACO binders when they were introduced (e.g. "Sound" sections 3 & 4 were removed from the TI folder and re-inserted in the ACO binders - so, for example, "Sound" TI S3 part2 covered the AMC/2 amplifier and those pages now exist only in the ACO).

I know of these main groupings (and by looking at what I have I've guessed the number of sections for each group) : GP (General Purpose ?) (Sections 1-6 at least) RECORDING (sections 1-13 at least) SOUND (sections 1-8 at least) TRANSMITTERS (sections 1-14 at least) VIDEO (Sections 1-12 at least)

And, just to complicate things even more, there are even earlier TIs (for instance see "TT2" or "TT6" in the scans provided by Brian Proffit) which were replaced by the series I'm currently describing.

If anyone has any definitive information about this documentation, I'd be most grateful to hear about it. I have now pretty much scanned all I have and will be sending Martin copies of my remaining scans shortly."