Alexandra Palace - colour date?

John Escolme, BBC History Manager, writes:
"I am trying to find out when Alexandra Palace was equipped for 625 line colour production.
Did they get it done in time for the Wimbledon colour launch 1
st July 1967, News and Sport from AP was at 1930 that day.
I suspect it was not ready, as only a select number of programmes went out that day in colour – officially, and all from, or via TVC.
Wimbledon, all week +Match of the Day
One Pair of Eyes, Sat July 1
The Virginian, Mon July 3
Impact, Thurs 6
th July
Late Night Line Up – all week   
This info comes from the RT at the time, so I don’t preclude colour coming from AP early, but it might be that AP was not ready for 625 line colour at all until News started in colour on BBC1 in 1969, which of course then was still coming from AP. I do realise there were colour tests from 1954, but that’s another matter.
Any ideas?