I am very keen to ensure that any notification on this web site would meet the wishes of the deceased's family, but it is not always possible or appropriate for me to contact them. On the other hand I am aware that many ex-colleagues would like to know of the news. So, the policy of this web site is to list the name of the deceased below and, if appropriate, provide further information. Due to the sensitivity of this issue, please let me know if any changes are required.

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The date of death is approximate in some cases. The most recent is listed first.

Each date is followed by the name of the deceased and relevant information. Links lead to more information in some cases.

November 2016
John Jarvie had a long career in the BBC starting with a spell at Norwich and going on to become Head of Studio Capital Projects Department, during which he was involved in the creation of a number of new local radio station buildings. Later he became engineering general manager at TV Centre.

12 August 2016
John Astle was Head of Business & Engineering at Research & Development in Kingswood Warren. (More information will be added here in due course).

12 August 2016
David Rayney was Power Station Manager at a number of Overseas sites.

24 June 2016
John Chantler was a Technical Assistant at Woofferton HF transmitting station for many years and a stalwart Officer of the Trade Union. Later he was an HF Conditional Engineer, he retired mid-1987.