Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
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Miscellaneous pictures of technical facilities that were at Daventry

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Contributed by Jim Pole

Control room of "T3" the MF transmitter for the Third Programme (Later called Radio 3):-


T3 Programme Input Equipment (PIE), including line testing equipment:-

T3 transmitter output components

Switchgear for SWB18 senders (HF transmitters are called senders):-



Diesel generators:-


11KV transformer and mercury arc rectifier for SWB18 sender:-

"East" sender hall, containing four SWB18 senders:-


SWB18 output coupling trolleys and tracks on the floor:-

SWB18 motor generator sets for filament supplies:-




Cooling pond, originally used as part of the cooling system for SWB18 senders:-

Space left after removal of SWB18 senders:-

New senders which replaced the SWB18 senders:-



BD253 sender in the "West" hall?:-

Antenna switching matrix (several can be seen in the subsequent picture):-


Parts from a BD253 sender mounted on a display panel:-


This a picture of 2LO, the BBC's first transmitter, when it was stored at Daventry.
It will be on display at the Science Museum in London from 2014.


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