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  1. 1944 - An eventful first year in Lines Department by David Savage
    A part of Designs Department was formed from a part of Lines Department.  This article illustrates life in Lines.

  2. New: People of Communications Department (link to David Reddington's Dropbox)

  3. There are more reminiscences related to communications in Comms Projects.

BH TV Repeater Station (G28) Staff Reunion

In 1984 Wally Scott organised a re-union of some of the staff who had worked in, or been closely associated with, the old TV Repeater Station/Switching Centre which was located in Broadcasting House (London) Room G28, (1946-1963), as mentioned in the Reminiscences of S N Watson and T Worswick.  The picture shows most of those who were gathered together on the evening of 10th May of that year (I am in there somewhere, but completely hidden from view).
David Savage

Key (see picture below): 1 Derek Preston, 2 Harry Zimmerman, 3 Frank Rice, 4 Dave Grant, 5 Avis Diamond, 6 Wally Scott, 7 Tony Pilgrim, 8 Walter Anderson, 9 Geoff Atkinson, 10 Dennis Packham, 11 Paddy Paddock, 12 Geoff Martin, 13 Tony Manners, 14 Roy Carpenter, 15 Ron Evans, 16 Margaret Owen, 17 Gerry Batty(?), 18 Derek Turner, 19 Ron Renton, 20 Dave Lywood, 21 Peter Gooch, 22 Dave Mount, 23 Bill Baillie*, 24 Burt Hancock, 25 Kevin Smith, 26 Roger Cooke, 27 Peter Adams.  (Please email if you can identify other people in the picture.)

*23 Bill Baillie, together with Ralph Barratt, manned the Tolsford/ Lille link and standards convertor.