New content appearing

On the old website I put new content in the appropriate part of the organisational structure and listed the addition on the New Items page. However I am now adopting a different approach. I am putting all new items under top level menu descriptions which show approximately when they were added (e.g. "Added: Jan-Feb 2016"). Returning visitors simply need to look in these locations in order to see anything that has been added recently. This arrangement reduces the time that it takes me to add new content.

Each February I will distribute the previous year's new content to locations within a logical structure. This structure will evolve, based on the subject matter concerned.

Development of bbceng from 2016

I've been running bbceng for ten years and I have recently made some fairly significant changes. All of the old content will remain, but future content will have a different format. I am doing this because the obsolescent Microsoft Frontpage web publishing software that I have been using, produces code that fails to meet modern web standards.

After using Windows and Frontpage for many years, I am now using Apple MAC and RapidWeaver. Time will tell, but I think that RapidWeaver might live up to its name and enable me to develop the web site without having to spend too much time on it. I am happy to continue with the web site, but I do have a life and I want to keep web development work to a minimum!

I have decided to keep most of the web site's existing files as they are, in their old locations, because It would take far to long to convert all of the pages to the new format. Also, Google links to pages in the existing structure and users have probably bookmarked them.

I have not yet decided exactly how to develop new pages, but I will probably use the new format for future "Information Exchange" items, "New items" etc. In general the pages that are in the old format will be frozen and the new structure will develop according to the subject matter that is added. I appreciate that this is not ideal, as visitors might have to look in the old and new pages to find the required information, so I might gradually duplicate some content from the old format.

I need to learn how to use RapidWeaver, so expect to see some changes as I find my way. This is very much a background activity for me, so the changes will happen gradually!