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ETD Information Sheets and Practical Sheets

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These sheets were produced by staff at BBC Engineering Training Department for use on various courses.


14A_Earth Leakage Protection.pdf


33A_Sound Levels And Hearing Impairment.pdf

45F_An Introduction To Small Electric Motors.pdf

58M_Frequency Modulation (Definition Of Terms).pdf

59C_Amplitude Modulation (Definition Of Terms & Waveforms).pdf

ETD_Lecture_Note - Vector Representation Of An FM Wave.pdf

Practical sheets

3B_Philips Tape Recorder EL3566.pdf

4A_Line-up Procedure For Tape Machines In Channels.pdf

5B_Line-up Procedure For Tape Machines In Recording Channels.pdf

22G_Studer A62.pdf

25W_Programme Meters.pdf

30G_Studer C37.pdf

33H_Investigation Into BBC Amplifiers.pdf

33J_Ferrograph Test Set - Investigation.pdf

34B_The Hybrid Transformer.pdf

34D_Introduction To A.C. Test Equipmnet.pdf

34K_Telephone Experiment.pdf

35C_Maintenance Of High Speed Motor Uniselector.pdf

56C_Portable Tape Machines 1 - Uher 4000L & 4000IC.pdf

56D_Portable Tape Machines 2 - Nagra III & IV-S.pdf

60D_Studio 1 Basic facilities.pdf

Sound Desks.pdf

Tape Recorder Mechanical Maintenance.pdf

Tape Recorder Mechanical Testing.pdf

Tape Transport Control Circuitry.pdf

Sound Programme related

34C_The Sound Programme Chain.pdf

34M_Radio Services.pdf

35D_Programme Switching In Sound Broadcasting.pdf

36D_R3_R4 Network Switching.pdf

Type D Stereo Continuities - B.H. Extension Circuit Details.pdf

Sound Technical


28A_Control Room 50V Alarm System.pdf

28H_Principles Of Disc Reproduction.pdf


32S_Operation Of Uniselectors With C&D Codes.pdf

32Y_Allocation Of Levels For A Group Uniselectors.pdf

33B_Acoustics Units.pdf

33D_The Continuity Interchange Unit.pdf

33G_Valve Amplifiers AMC_5, GPA_4, C_9 And MNA_3.pdf

34P_Studio Acoustics (Definition Of Terms).pdf

35B_Sound Monitoring.pdf

35L_Motor Uniselector.pdf

35M_Amplifier AMC_5 Circuit.pdf

35N_Theory Of The Hybrid Coil.pdf

39A_Testing Amplifiers.pdf

41A_Audio Tape Recorder Performance Testing.pdf

41C_Maintaining The Signal Performance Of A Tape Recorder.pdf

44L_Amplifier C_9 Circuit.pdf

45T_Principles Of Magnetic Tape recording.pdf

45W_Acoustic Design Of BBC Studios.pdf

46A_Amplifier MNA_3 Circuit.pdf

46D_Amplifiers GPA_4 And GPA_4A Circuit.pdf

48M_Principles Of Stereo.pdf

49B_Stereo - Basic Terms And Definitions.pdf

51A_Ext Services, Bush House - Assembly & Routing Of Prog Services.pdf

52D_Radio Broadcast Programmes And Their Measurement.pdf

52H_ME12_9 PPM - Performance And Re-alignment.pdf

Television Technical

12D_Sync Pulse Generation Part II.pdf

15K_Colour Film And Colour Telecines..pdf

20W_Subcarrier To Line Relationships.pdf

21B_An Introduction To The Colorimetrty Of Colour Television.pdf

21C_The Television Broadcast Chain.pdf

21M_Non-linearity In A Video Signal Path.pdf

25C_Colour Correction Linear Matrices.pdf

29E_The Colour Camera Channel.pdf

40G_Lighting For Television - Basic Considerations.pdf

41F_Sync Pulse Generation.pdf

42K_Colour Temperature And Mired Value .pdf

44T_Lighting For Television - Basic Portraiture.pdf

56B_The Plumbicon.pdf

63H_Lighting For Television.pdf

Introduction To Vision Mixers.pdf

The Plumbicon Camera Tube (preliminary handout).pdf