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Drawing Office staff in Western House
Contributed by Paul Whiteing

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Back row L-R :
Ken King, Tony McLaren, Bob Savage, Howard Parsons, Bill Went, Bob Smith, Geoff Baker.

Next row L-R :
Roger Allen, Mike Brookes, ??, Mick Tate, Keith Savage, Paul Whiteing, Mike Foster.

Next row L-R :
Pat Purkis, Mandy Thompson, Lilian Rickman, Cliff Whitear, Keith Turner, Stan May.

Front row L-R :
Tina Frangou, Ethel Butler, Pam Willoughby, ??

Sincere apologies from Paul to three of them for not remembering their names - "on the tip of my tongue but alas .........."

Pictures from 1980 and 1983 contributed by Lily Box:-


Lily and some girls from the General Office taken around 1980: Lily, ?. ?. Linda Flay, Di Vincent. Front = Brenda?

July 1983: Louise Higgins, Pete Randall, Dave Nichols, Peter MacMurdie, Derek Simmons, Dennis Granger, Brian Mason

July 1983: Lily's leaving do: Ann Underwood, Louise Higgins, Lily, Peter Randall, Dave Nichols, Pete MacMurdie, Dennis Granger. Front = Janet Woodger

July 1983: Carlton, Lily, Abdul

Lily Box, taken in May 1983 celebrating getting married.

Roseanne (Surname - Green ?) Secretary to Mr. Larry

May 1983: Julie Pearce, Susie Nash, Lily, Helen Cusack, Janet Woodger, Linda Flay. Front - Debbie Beacher, Julie Smith, ?