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Registered Designs and Coded Equipment

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This page gives access to a short description of nearly every "coded and registered" design produced by the BBC between 1957 and 1991 (over 7000 !).

Coded Equipment Register 1992

Registered Designs and Coded Equipment 1963 - Volume 2: Components

Coded Equipment Register 1987 - see below.

Coded Equipment 1981 (Obsolescent, cancelled and withdrawn equipment) - see below.

Technical Documentation Cross Reference 1992.

Technical Documentation Cross Reference 1988.

Sorry, the books below are in a cumbersome format, but an old scanner was used and the books contain nearly 800 pages compared with nearly 80 pages for the 1992 book above. 

The information below was scanned from two paper volumes provided by the BBC and the result is 788 files in html format, one page per file, occupying a total of about 8MB.  The transfer was done using a scanner with automatic sheet feeding, together with software which compiled and linked the files.  This method minimised both the effort needed and the resultant file size.  The optical character recognition seems to have worked quite well, but the pages have not been thoroughly checked!

It was not feasible to scan the entire volumes in one session, so they are split up as shown below.  Each block of pages is listed as Page 1, Page 2... etc., and the page displayed is this number plus the base number (e.g. 200 for Pages 201 to 300).  Click Up, at the top of the frame containing the list of pages, in order to return to this page.

List of code groups This list is from Part III below, but it is relevant to Part I as well.

Part I dated 1987 - Coded Equipment Register

Pages 1 to 100
Pages 101 to 200
Pages 201 to 300
Pages 301 to 358


Part II - This is not available, but most* of the codes are covered by the 1981 and 1987 documents (above and below).


Part III dated 1981 - Obsolescent, cancelled and withdrawn equipment

Pages 1 to 100
Pages 101 to 200
Pages 201 to 300
Pages 301 to 418


The arrangement below was set up in about 2006 and it is probably no longer in place.


Provision of Circuit Diagrams

The BBC has kindly established an arrangement whereby circuit diagrams of old equipment can be provided. This only relates to "BBC Coded Equipment" that was designed in-house (mainly by Designs Department) and the Terms & Conditions are given below. The information will be provided on PDF files, in response to requests regarding individual items. If possible, the Equipment Code should be given (e.g. AM7/11). This web site has all of the EDI Sheets that were produced and RD&CE listings (see below), so this might help in identifying specific items of equipment. It is likely that most requests will emerge as a result of ex-BBC coded equipment being acquired and this probably doesn't happen very often, but we need to make sure that the BBC is not inundated.  Please go to this BBC Research page as it contains links to various documents and an email address for requesting documents which are not yet available.

Terms & Conditions: "Any intellectual property rights in these [circuit diagrams] are owned/licensed by the BBC. They are made available for private study use only and on the understanding that no warranties are provided by the BBC (in relation to third party intellectual property rights or otherwise) and that all liabilities relating to the individual's use of this material rest with the individual and not with the BBC".


* I'm a bit put out that one of my designs is missing :-)
I designed the GE7/1 in 1976 and it became obsolete about 10 years later (due to the start of NICAM distribution), so it missed all of the volumes above.  There are probably other designs that did likewise.