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Book:  Daventry Calling The World



Norman Tomalin in 1992

In 1998 Norman Tomalin published his book Daventry Calling The World and in 2008 he very kindly agreed that it may be published on this web site.

Click the picture below in order to download the book in the form of a 7MB PDF file (display with Adobe Reader).  In order prevent this file from being much larger the pictures are highly compressed.

The original computer file is no longer available, so I have scanned the book and used OCR to regenerate it.  There is a change to the wording on the copyright page (please read), but I believe that the rest of the book is a faithful reproduction.  If you discover any discrepancies then please let me know.

This book is a very good historical record and it is the result of a great deal of work by Norman.  It complements Don Bowman's reminiscences about Daventry and it is well worth reading both.

Martin Ellen